Art is a universal language that fosters the joy of learning. It supports intellectual, emotional, and social growth, and prepares and inspires leaders of the future. It is therefore, no surprise, that Arline Goldstein has dedicated her life to this universal language and has reaped the benefits that art bestows.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Arline showed an affinity for art at a very early age. And, by supplementing her early childhood education with dedicated art classes, Arline was exposed to a great deal of influential art. Without question, this early exposure was responsible for Arline's future success. In high school, it became abundantly clear that Arline was a remarkable artist and it was then that she decided to dedicate her life to this calling. Following a short stint in the advertising world, Arline married, raised a family, and attended Stony Brook University where she received advanced degrees in Education and Fine Arts.

After University, Arline accomplished one of her life-long goals, and became a teacher. Through teaching, she was able to help young students expand their communication skills, open their minds, and express themselves through drawing and painting.

After 20 years in the classroom, Arline retired from education to focus on her own art career and to the expansion of local arts programs in her own community through the Smithtown Township Arts Council. Soon after, Arline was asked to join the Board of STAC, and rose to the position of President. As President, Arline oversaw fund raising, chaired many events, initiated a Plein Aire painting workshop, and became an outspoken advocate for local artists.

As the chairperson of C.L.E.A.N. (Committee for Litter Elimination and Neatness) she served on the Recycling Committee with Supervisor Patrick Vecchio, and coined the acronym STAR, (Smithtown Township Aggresively Recycles).

Through the years, Arline has supported the Smithtown Historical Society, the Stony Brook Museum and other non-profit organizations by, among other things, donating her paintings for auction.